Sitemap - 2023 - The CCI Newsletter

COP28 calls for transition away from fossil fuels, toward climate value economy

CCI on COP28: Breakthrough on fossil fuels must be followed by action to curb usage

Week 2 of COP28: Acting on the knowledge that acceleration is imperative

Right to Resilience report outlines steps needed to preserve a livable future for everyone

Shifting incentives, making risk and value visible

Getting Started at COP28

Record heat adds urgency to mission of COP28

Meeting the needs of people, nations & transcendent human rights

We cannot divert attention from the threat of climate change

Implicit COP28 priorities: Rights, applied science & institutional innovation

Grassroots Rising: Leveling Up in the Climate Fight – Online conference

AM2023: Upgrading International Finance, Development & Trade

The world, at last, is waking up to the existential threat of climate change

CCI endorses carbon fee & dividend bill introduced in U.S. Congress

Earth Diplomacy Leadership workshops start next week

CCI supports Africa Climate Summit call for global carbon tax

With the world ablaze, citizens hold the key to turning back climate change

CCI calls on fossil fuel firms to align business plans with preservation of a livable climate

Amid global heat wave, Citizens' Climate volunteers get engaged

CCI to World Bank: Put integral human development at the core of the mission

Addressing vulnerability is how we build the best possible future

CCI report on SB58: Only high ambition makes sense now

Paris finance summit: Meaningful progress for relief to emerging economies, but more needed

Inclusion drives ambition – SB58 process highlights need for diverse insights & enhanced cooperation

Taking Stock, Upgrading Ambition, Acting Together

Climate ambition starts with people

Earth Diplomacy Leadership – Summary of SB58 Session 3: Transformational Outcomes

Earth Diplomacy Leadership – Summary of SB58 Session 2: The Stakes

Earth Diplomacy Leadership – Summary of SB58 Session 1: The Process

CCI & The Fletcher School team up to host Earth Diplomacy Leadership workshops

Climate vulnerability (& how we value it) will shape the future

Report from Earth Week Talanoa Dialogue for Climate Ambition

Global Network of Citizens Urges World Bank Group to Upgrade for Fair and Sustainable Development Ahead the Spring Meetings

‘Everything everywhere, all at once’

IPCC Report: This is our last chance to defuse the climate time-bomb

New ocean treaty will safeguard biodiversity in areas beyond national jurisdiction

Climate security as a civic priority

United Nations Secretary-General warns of 'biblical' wave of climate migration

The Sustainable Development Goals = opportunity & wellbeing

How do Citizens' Climate volunteer chapters work?

How do you define a livable future?

Reforming international financial institutions

2023 must be a year of empowerment & acceleration

What is carbon pricing?

Climate transformation is a human endeavor (CCI Year in Review)